Winter is here…




Winter is here… and with that come the dreaded winter blues. You know those days where you just don’t know what to wear and your brain can’t think cos it’s too cold.

I am having one on those days today but I have a secret…for me those days are inevitable. I went to bed early last night ( I am always super tired on a Tuesday night for some reason) and didn’t plan what I was going to wear today. Hence…I woke up unorganised and with a cold brain that didn’t want to get going.

Moochi Limit coat black with leather sleeves

This has happened to me before so I had to come up with a plan to help me. My secret is my “winter uniform”, I have one in summer too. It is my go to outfit that I feel comfy in that I don’t have to think about too much and can just chuck it on. I know that it is acceptable for whatever the day brings…shopping with a client, meeting a new client for a coffee or just getting through my ‘to-do’ list.




Trelise Cooper Reverse effects jacket in navy

My current ‘winter uniform’ is…black skinny pants rolled up slightly, black round neck tee or long sleeved top tucked in 90’s styles (half tucked). Finishing touches are my shoes and jacket…I have quite a few jackets, some are statement jackets, some a not. But I know this outfit is easy to put together and looks good.



Glasson trench in moss green

Throwing a jacket over your less than fancy outfit to look effortlessly cool is a GO!! This look is great as it works with almost every style and suits every age.


I highly recommend this system…a go-to emergency outfit when you haven’t gotten your sh!t together the night before.



Until next time,

Happy styling,

Jess xoxo

What’s HOT with hair right now?




I have the up to date got-to-have-right-now HOT hair trends for you!!


HOT – The bob, the lob, the bop (a choppy bob)…Whatever you call it, if its shoulder length or shorter…it’s having a BIG moment at the moment. If you wanna spice it up with out loosing your bob, get it textured, take it shorter or wear it messy.


meHOT – Braids…but this seasons braid are tight, seamless and structured – A major shift from the loose bohemian ones we’ve loved for so long. The braids of now pair perfectly with leather jackets and chokers. Weather it’s a peek-a-boo braid or ‘look at me braids’ – they are a thing!


HOT – My little pony. The low pony is the pony to have and GOOD NEWS you don’t need long locks to rock the classic pony. As long as you have enough length around you jawline, you can pull a bob back into a mini pony.

HOT –  If you are still in to wearing your hair in a bun, keep it low at the nape and for a change, twist it up for a messy/done look. The top knot is OUT!!


Until next time,

Happy styling,

Jess xoxo





You know here at Jess Mundy Stylist I like to cover the big issues … issues that really matter to us girls!!  Todays subject is a hard one as I am sure we have all been there. Let’s not be embarrassed, we have all had those moments (think early 2000’s when skinny eyebrows were in)…BUT it’s a new day, so how do we get the best eyebrows so our eyebrow game is strong??


Today I let you know the 5 steps to better eyebrows!!


brows5Tip 1… Only go one shade darker than your natural brow colour. The definition will frame your eyes but still look natural (which is important!)





Tip 2… Do the out line technique. Trace the perimeter of your arch with a pencil then fill it in with powder. Then comb in to place.





brows7Tip 3… Use a high lighter. Apply a high lighter to your brow bone as close to the brows as poss.





brows5Tip 4… Tweeze the strays not the greys. If you do have a few greys creeping in, use a tinted gel. At some stage your eyebrows will stop growing back and you don’t want to be left with gaps.



brows9Tip 5… Get your eyebrows tinted. It’s a great way so sort them out with out having to spend to much time on them in the mornings. Tinting your eyebrows lasts about 6 weeks and makes a huge difference, it also means you’re wearing less make up which is good (for some of us!)


NZ pricing $19.99

            My go to brow product of choice is Maybelline Master Brow Pro Pallet. Available in soft or dark brown.



Until next time,

Happy styling,

Jess xoxo

Tips for us short gals…






It’s NO secret I am not the tallest fashionista out there. Sooo… at 5foot2, I have found some great tips to elongate your body so you don’t look sooo short. GOALS!!!




Avoid long tops!tuck

Long tops are great for tall people but us shorties need to not hide our legs. Wearing tops that stop at your waist or tucking them half in is super cool. It also gives the illusion of longer legs and high lights the waist!







Show off your ankles!ankle

The trick is not to look like you are drowning in fabric. The ankle is one of the slimmest parts of your body so show it off!! Weather with pants tailored to the correct length for you or rolled up to suit. Also the midi skirt or dress is great for accentuating the ankle…Live it up!!        







Be matchy-matchy!

Wearing one colour from top to toe gives the illusion of longer limbs therefore creating visual length!!  And  we want to visually look taller!!






Take it shorter!shorter

Knee length skirts or dresses are a no-no! They literally cut your legs in half.  You need to commit…go shorter and show off your pins or go longer and accentuate your ankles with the midi length!






  Until next time,

  Happy styling
Jess xoxo


It’s all in the eyes…





Mascara…It’s the finishing touch we all use for the perfect eye make up and with out it we feel basically naked.  To get the best out of yours, I have the got-to-know tips on what brush does what and if you wanna jazz it up…what colour to use for a change from black!!


Its all in the wand!!

It’s the shape of the wand that dictates how your lashes will    respond.

Super skinny – The mini skinny easily emphasises lower lashes, which can be overwhelmed by bigger brushes. try L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara

An hourglass – More formula is delivered to the inner and outer corners, so it widens the look of your eyes. try L’Oréal Volume Million Excess Mascara

Jumbo-size – A bigger brush puts more product on the lashes, making them look OTT thick! try L’Oréal Mega Volume Collagene Mascara

Comb-like – Great for those wayward hairs. They are straightened, which promotes a more natural looking definition. try L’Oréal False Lash Telescopic Mascara

Curved – An arch cradles and lifts hairs from the roots, curling and rounding out the shape of your lashes. try L’Oréal False Lash Butterfly Mascara

Tapered – It latches onto those baby lashes in the corners and is an expert lengthener. try L’Oréal Miss Magna Mascara




Want to JAZZ it up with your mascara colour??

Hazel eyes – Brown is the perfect everyday shade. The warmth will emphasise the green of your iris to bring out a twinkling effect…Gorgeous!!

Blue eyes – Colbolt blue mascara make the whites of everyone’s eyes seem so much clearer…perfect for the dramatic look!

Brown eyes – Use blackest black. The black ink generates enough contrast to make your eyes stand out.

Green eyes – A splash of burgundy turns green eyes even more leafy by drawing out the yellow flecks.


 AND DONT FORGET: to replace your mascara every 3 months. I do it at the start of every season



Until next time,
Happy styling,

Jess xoxo

The secret to happiness…dressing up!!




Some would say I am always the most overdressed person in the room and ya know what….I’m OK with that. Dressing up for me is the way I express my self,  it’s like art.  It’s also my daily dose of happiness…I find it so much fun getting up in the morning with a plan of what I am going to wear and then putting it together. I feel more ME dressed up to face the world than not. I don’t do it for other peoples comments…if someone says I look nice that’s great! but I genuinely do it just for me.

coco chanel
Coco Chanel

We can only rely on ourselves to bring happiness to our lives and being creative is such a powerful one…why not express yourself and your personality through your clothes. Your never know where your day could go…a last minutes party, a street style photographer, saying yes to a date on the spot. You’re already dressed and ready to go, anything could happen.  When you feel confident and happy you give off such positive vibes, which is great for yourself but also for people around you to see, especially those of us with little girls in our lives.

It can be a game changer for your self esteem. You can either spend your time worrying about what other people think (as if that even matters!) or you can work on you!! and be the best most confident version of you, you can be. If dressing up in the morning gives you the internal power to conquer the day, do it!!!

I had a client say to me recently “what if everyone says ‘why are you so dressed up’, and I said ‘your answer is cos I can!!’



Until next time,
Happy styling,

Jess xoxo