5 tips for perfect foundation every day!!




make up2


If you don’t want to be ‘that’ girl whose neck is a different colour to her face, then listen up y’all!! Knowing what to do is a great first step so here goes….


Always prep the skin first. My motto is ‘not to prime is a crime’, a primer helps your foundation to stay on and in place all day … quite important to how your make up will look in a few hours on that lunch date!!

Choosing the right shade or coverage. I always leave this up the professionals … go to a beauty counter and ask them to match a shade to your natural skin colour. The amount of coverage is important to think about too. I think about foundation like tights: you can get opaque which is full coverage or non opaque so you can still see your freckles through your foundation. Using a full opaque foundation can look cakey so get your foundation applied then you can see the amount of coverage you get. I think it is more youthful looking to see your natural complexion through your foundation but that’s just me!

The lighting at a beauty counter is so different from natural light ormakeup6 to what your use to at home so try to take a hand mirror outside into the natural light for an accurate look at how the foundation looks. When applying your make up at home, try to use a space with lots of natural light. If you are stuck inside a box with no windows, take a wee mirror outside and check it out!

There’s nothing worse than discovering you have a really obvious foundation line under your chin that has been there all day. Prevent this by properly buffing out your make up with a sponge or a foundation brush. Using natural light is the best for showing the bits you need to fix.

Set your face. Using a powder or a setting spray helps set your make up for the day. If you notice your make up ‘evaporates’ a few hours after application then a powder or setting spray is what you need. To use a powder correctly so you don’t look dry or cakey, always tap off the excess before you apply it to your face. Using those powder pads that come in the compact is a great way to over apply so always use a powder brush.


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Ways you are ruining your hair & you didn’t even know it…




Ways you ruining your hair & you didn’t even know it……

The title says it all….So let’s begin!


Matrix Miracle Extender

Detangling wet hair: Wet strands are super delicate, so ripping a skinny comb or brush through them can cause some breakage. Instead, try using a wide tooth comb while you’re in the shower with conditioner on your hair or use this amazing spray once you’re out. It has 20 benefits including detanging and it smells like marshmellows!! I use it and am addicted!!!!!



Your pony: Wearing your hair tied back in a pony or bun for days on end because your cant be bothered washing your hair. Hey….we’ve hair16all done it, because its faster to throw your hair in a pony or bun instead of doing it in the morning BUT putting your hair under repeated strain in a pony can lead to breakage or shedding. Make sure you switch your style up, don’t sleep with your hair in a pony then wear a pony all day long too  and use snag-free hair ties.



hair18Sleeping with wet hair: It’s so easy to put freshly washed hair into cute braids or a bun and pass out after a long day and waking up to beautiful kinky waves BUT if you do you are more prone to dandruff so this is a huge mistake. Resting your hair on a warm damp pillow case for 8 hours can cause a fungal infection known as dandruff. instead, try washing your hair a few hours before you hit the hay. Remember: Dandruff does not go with your outfit!



To much protein: Protein packed hair masks are great for rebuildingpotein broken, damaged or bleached hair BUT your hair needs a balance of moisture and protein to repair. If you overload it with protein, it can leave your hair brittle & will break due to being over proteinised. The trick is to alternate between your moisture and protein shampoo & conditioner and weekly treatments.



sunThe sun: Using products with sunscreen in them are as important for your hair as it is for your skin. Most professional salon products have suncreens in them but always double check with your stylist. If you skip this step, it can screw up your beautiful hair colour as well as the condition of your hair and encourage split ends. Using hair products with the UV filters already in will save you major $$$ at the salon in a few months.



DIY Colour: As tempting as it is to do a DIY colour at home…..Try to hair13resist!!  DIY colouring is a sure fire way to get an uneven colour result which can dehydrate your hair….keeping the colour just on your roots & pulling it through to the ends can not only give you an uneven colour result but may cause breakage too. Always get your roots professionally done at your salon. Your stylist wont over lap your colour and it will stay fresh, even and healthy.



Matrix Hydrating Aqua Masque

Detoxing your hair: If you’re like me and love your hair products, you’ll probably already understand the benefits of a good clarifying shampoo. They eliminate the product build up in the hair of sprays or sea salt sprays but using them too often is a no-no, as they can strip your hair of good oils needed to keep your hair healthy and protected. Instead use a clarifying shampoo once a month and always use a really good hydrating mask to re-moisturise the hair after. I love the Matrix Hydrating Aqua Masque!


Blow waving your hair: Hey…..I get it!! Freshly blow waved hair can make everything better but if you’re hitting it hard with the blowhair9 dryer you will be doing more damage unfortunately. The secret is apply your styling & heat protective products and then give your hair a rough dry. Once you have sectioned off part of your hair, you can go back in with a brush and your hair dryer on a low heat. Also, use a nozzle on your dryer as it creates a bit of distance between your hair and the end of the dryer which can get super hot and burn your strands.



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Anti aging yourself with make-up!




I’m sure its no surprise to you all that as we age, our face does too….BOO!!!

It’s not as tricky as you think to hide fine lines and dulling skin or bags. Sometimes it’s just a change up of something simple that makes all the difference.


Here are my top 3 tips to anti age yourself with make-up!

∗Use a primer….Not to prime is a crime!! A primer makes your skinmaakeup4 luminous, it lightens and brightens too, with out putting tint on your skin. It also helps your foundation go on evenly and stay on all day.

∗Use a high lighter….A high lighter smooth’s out dark lines and the wrinkles under the eyes.



∗Black eymakeup1e liner is a no-no….It’s amazing how using a black eye liner can instantly age you and enhance your wrinkles and fine lines. I recommend a brown once your eye area starts to get more wrinkles to help you look fresh.


I offer one on one sessions if you want to update your make up techniques or learn more about what to do where.

Call me on 0210 2266 790


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2 of my top beauty tips….







“A woman is most beautiful when she smiles” …. Other than that, these are the other beauty tips I swear by!!!




A huge part of a flawless foundation finish is the application of your primer. A primers job is to help your foundation glide on and stay put all day. Don’t forget to put primer on your lips and eyelids too!!  I have tried lots of different primers over the years and find them all pretty much the same. I love the one MAC and Smashbox do but have also had good results from using cheaper brands from Farmers or Kmart.


Using a good eye cream is super important!! At night you loose a lotbeauty4 of moisture, so applying a thicker eye cream at night is essential to keep your eye area hydrated. Use a lighter eye cream before your apply your primer so your concealer or foundation don’t sit in the fine lines and creases around your eyes. I use and recommend O Cosmetics. They are a results driven skincare line and I highly recommend them.



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Lingerie…Bedroom only? or for the streets too?




Street style lingerie on the outside inspo


Lingerie … The pieces that are normally relegated to the bedroom are getting their day in the sun and I think there is nothing sexier than showing a hint of what’s underneath.

I’m not suggesting you wear your “bedroom only” outfits out , but I am loving the way you can sneak your lingerie into your everyday wear at the moment.

Witchery singlet and Decjuba Leather jacket


If the thought of wearing sleepwear as daywear terrifies you…RELAX. For as sexy as it is, the look can also ooze sophistication. The way I wear mine is tucked into my high waisted skinnies and my ever faithful leather jacket. LOVE!!




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Do leggings count as pants??




This is a pretty easy one for me, I definitely DO NOT sit on the fence with this subject … And I can’t hold back my feelings much longer.


For me leggings absolutely never count as pants!!!!!




I am not denying when it comes to comfort I am all for them. Often there bands sits so much better on your tummy than tights or stockings do, but does that mean we should just wear them anywhere? No it does not.




As with most things ‘style’ related, there are no hard and fast rules. But there does need to be a line that we don’t cross. Leggings are essentially tights with out feet or otherwise known as footless leggings3tight/stockings … therefore should be treated as such. When you wear tights you don’t leave the house without a dress, long tee shirt or tunic covering your back side!! WHY??? Because you can see straight through them people!!!!!    Just because leggings are slightly thicker in material, that doesn’t  mean when they are stretched over your thighs and butt that they remain not see through … in fact I would go as far to say they are very see through, down your panty line and the colour of pantys you are wearing.

Leggings are great to exercise in or wear UNDER a dress/skirt etc as a thicker pair of tights but lets leave them at that. They just do not fly with out the added coverage.


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