Product Review…So Simple Skincare Poker Face mask!





My big nose!!

For those of you who don’t know me personally, you may not have realised that I have a big nose! Yes it’s true! But I have gotten ‘over’ the fact my nose is on the larger side (and the fact that its not straight) but one thing that really annoys me about my nose is I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. What this means is I can smell everything!! And I mean everything!! And it gives me (what I call) an ice-cream headache in my nose. I get a stinging sensation, like brain freeze in my nose if I smell something over perfumed! I have to sniff test and approve everything that could smell, like de-odorant, body wash, liquid hand wash, And not just for me. If it goes on my family it needs to be ‘nose approved!’.  When we have visitors I ask them not to spray perfume on themselves inside the house. It’s more than annoying and seems to be getting worse as I get older. For this reason it is easier for me to stick to the same beauty & hair products that I know wont interfere with my nose. To try something new is risky for me…But one of the reasons I was super keen to try the So Simple Skincare range is because there is no artificial fragrances added which for me is super important. It is made of natural ingredients like you would find in your kitchen without the fillers or ingredients you don’t know how to pronounce, which has got to be good for you, right!


So Simple Skincare Poke Face mask

Sunday for me is a day to give back to my face and hair….I go make up free to let my skin have a rest, do a good exfoliate on my face and a hair mask on my hair, all to help rejuvenate before the week ahead. So I added a step into my Sunday routine to try the So Simple Skinecare Poker Face mask and I’m so glad I did. On the packet it’s described as a ‘de-wrinkle’ face mask! Sounds good to me!!


Mixed and ready to apply.

So I cleansed my face and applied the face mask…. You have to mix it up in a wee bowl with water like mixing up a secret concoction then apply it to your face. I then scared the heck out of my family by wondering through the house with a brown mixture on my face that looked kinda weird. You can feel your skin tightening under the mask as it dries. At the 20 minute mark my husband asked me something and I couldn’t move my face to answer…..that’s how I knew it was time to wash off.


Off to scare the family!

Man O Man!!! My skin felt AH-MAZING!! I don’t think it has ever felt so tight! I felt like I’d had a facelift because my skin was tight (and that’s a good thing!) I felt super fresh and young looking and it was great!



This is definitely an add-on to my Sunday skin routine!!!!

Why do a face mask?? You can easily pamper yourself at home, it’s so quick and a calming, cleansing experience. The right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove oils and help improve the appearance of pores. It is also a great way to pull out impurities from your skin AND help your other skin products work more efficiently. WIN WIN!


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Feeling blah? Tips to help you feel slimmer!!





Feeling great about how you look is easier said than done some days, especially when you’re having a lumpy, bumpy or bloated day. Today I have style tips and clothing choices for those days you want to feel slimmer!




Fake tan: A tan is an easy way to make you feel good and feel slimmer. A tan is great for hiding skin blemishes and makes your complexion look more even.




The wrap dress: It’s a classic for making you feel slimmer. It cinches in at the waist & covers your mid section. Great for all body types, sizes and heights.





Side panels: Side panels are miracle workers!! Best to have navy or dark panels to give the illusion of the hour glass shape we all crave.





Black: It’s the oldest trick in the book….wearing all black. It creates the illusion of a long, slender silhouette! Add colour with accessories if you need some colour in your life.






Stripes: Stripes can be scary. The trick is to choose clothing with thin stripes, going down as this give the illusion of length. Think pin stripes!






Heels: High heels with a pointy toe have major lengthening power! Choose shoes with a low cut at the toe so the “toe cleavage” is on display for maximum skin exposure. This is the secret for having legs that go on for days!




v-nexk1V necks: The V neck top directs the eyes down creating a longer slimmer torso. Stay away from round neck lines as they can make you look shorter!





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The duster coat…





The duster coat!!

Definition: A women’s loose, lightweight full length coat, without buttons that can be worn all day.

Duster coat inspo


Perfect for this time of year when the mornings are still chilly but the days are warmer. The duster coat is a great addition to your spring wardrobe and can be matched with pants, singlet and heels, a dress or over a play suit!!

Duster coat inspo


Up the anti on any day outfit by adding this versatile piece.

Perfect for those days when you want to feel covered up but not dowdy.

A staple for any girl-boss who wants to add sophistication to any outfit.

A great way to add colour to your outfit!

For a weekend look, pair with jeans & flats for a casual brunch.

Duster coat inspo



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How to do smart-casual….




smart-casual1I have been working with women this week who struggle with their casual wear. Looking great for work isn’t an issue, its when it comes to the weekends, meeting friends for lunch or casual Fridays at the office they run into the ‘what to wear’ dilemma….So here’s some do’s & don’ts for you on how to do smart-casual!


The key to smart-casual is to understand the location and the event. It may be an event that will require smart shoes, casual dressy pants and a blazer, or something like a house warming where you could dress down with your Chuck Taylors and jeans.


One of my favs, the Moochi blazer – In stores now! Perfect to dress up or down.


TIP! It is always better to be over dressed than under dressed!




The do’s:  DO dress up jeans with a blazer. DO use Chuck Taylors tosmart-casual4 dress down trousers. DO invest in some smart casual pants like chinos ( I think these are a great investment piece for smart casual and would purchase 2 pairs. Get them indifferent colours to mix & match with your existing wardrobe.) If in doubt, a great go-to smart-casual outfit is a crisp tee-shirt, jeans, a blazer and smart shoes.




The don’ts:  DON”T ever wear flip flops! Invest in some cute flat summer sandals that go with pants or a summery dress. DON”T wear runners! EVER! If you exercise in them, don’t wear them out. DON”T wear sports shorts….these are not smart-casual, they are just casual. Find a dressy pair of shorts that sit just above the knee that would go with flats or heels and DON”T forget to check the weather. Nothing worse than not being prepared!!

If you want to be expertly styled for an event or just life in general, give me a call!


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Things I have learnt from being a personal stylist….

dress rightFinding your style … It takes time, for some it is a life long process. It will be always evolving and will grow with you to represent your taste and what defines you. Some women don’t learn what their style is for years and by then you have made so many style mistakes so let’s forget them and move on.


First of all, let’s both be on the same page about style and fashion.  Fashion is something that changes quite fast and is ever changing. Trends come and go and often if you shop just for the trends you will be wearing items only a few times then not wearing them again. It is great to try a trend or two that catches your eye but not every trend will work for you and it should always reflect your personal style. Don’t force it if it doesn’t feel right.

style1Having a wardrobe that reflects the best version of yourself is the best thing to do to raise your confidence. Not only will you be happy because you love what your wearing and look great but having a distinct style is satisfying and comforting. It can help you achieve your personal goals because you are confident & not hiding behind clothes that don’t suit you.


Even if you don’t want to admit to it, image is very important. If you know what looks good on you, you can use it to your advantage, Weather dressing for an interview or everyday at work. Looking professional but also yourself is the goal.

style3The image you project will always influence the way the world perceives you. If you look confident because you feel good, everyone notices.


If you need help with your personal style and image or your confidence call me. I am expertly trained to assist you.



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  Happy styling
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