Needing a little Summer inspo?




“Boho Chic” describes a style that includes flowy clothing, vintage or ethnic inspired accessories and natural looking hair and make up. It got it’s name at the height of this trend in 2002 when it was used to describe the ‘eclectic gypsy’ trend that was in fashion.

Getting the right mix of bohemiam and hippy is tricky so here’s some insiration for you to help!!

Think beachy and summer music festivals. Long flowy skirts are a essential.




Sexy boho chic inspired outfits with a modern hippie fringing gives the free spirit gypsy vibe!




Hair & make up is relaxed in a natural looking “throw your hair in a bandana” kinda way. No bright lippy or dark make up.



Until next time
Happy styling

Jess xoxo

Beautiful face serum






So … I have had the pleasure of using the So Simple Skincare products for a few weeks. For those of you who dont know me, I am quite into my skincare & make up routines to keep my skin as healthy and glowy looking as possible. So I couldn’t wait to try this one!



sosimple9I have tried lots of products over the years, as you do, and this range is definately going to be a keeper in my beauty regime. This wee baby is amazing!! It is the lightest weight serum i have ever used on my skin. Perfect for use in the morning when you have just cleansed and are about to apply your make up. It left my skin feeling super hydrated with no residue or heaviness. I was able to apply my make up straight away and it doesn’t interfere with how my make up lasts through out my busy day.


The So Simple Skinare “Sleeping Beauty” serum contains intense hyaluronic acid which is able to penetrate the skins upper layers to improve and benefit the skin. It plumps fine lines and is unbeliveably light weight and as I said, perfect before applying make up. It also has willow bark extract which eliminates dead skin cells and promotes cellular renewal.




Perfect for use at night (hence the name “sleeping beauty serum”), it does all the work while you get your beauty sleep or use in the morning. This lightweight fragrance neutral serum is beautiful and i have really enjoyed using it, 10/10!


Need some Spring-Summer outfit inspo?




If you woke up this morning feeling like your wardrobe is a little stale…Here’s some Spring-Summer inspo with the “Got to have right now” trends for you to incorporate in to your wardrobe today.



strapless1strapless3Shoulders are the new way to show skin this season in an ever so sexy but totally office appropriate way. Whether its a dress or top, this is a fun playful look for the Spring-Summer season.


TIP: Invest in a good strapless bra and to avoid the strap marks in Summer, always wear lots of sunscreen. Nothing worse than tan lines ruining a good outfit!



slipdress2slipdress3The slip dress is one of those 90’s trends that never really goes away but its more minimilistic now and can still be worn in a variety of ways for a casual or dressy look. I would pair mine with a little tee for a relaxed look.


TIP: The slip dress is meant to be loose so resist the temptation to belt it.



ruffles7ruffles6Ruffles are a trend i am LOVING! I wear my ruffles on top! On the sleeve or shoulder. This is a trend thats not going anywhere soon so embrace it girls!!


TIP: Pair girly ruffles with a skinny leg jean so the proportions even out nicely.



chunky-sandals3chunky-sandals2Chunky sandals are so easy to wear and work with lots of looks. I pair mine with skinny jeans or midi length dresses!Also super important …. The are so comfy for long Summer days.

TIP: If you are going to show off your feet, make sure they look nice. So often women forget to moisturise their feet or paint their toe nails & it can ruin your outfit. Keeping this area tidy is just as important as your hands!



denim-minis1denim-minis3The denim mini is back for Summer …. And this is a trend not everyone will be down for. It all comes down to how much leg you want to show. I personally am not keen to show too much leg so will safely avoid this trend by keeping my mini skirt longer. I have one that i love in a destressed black denim which comes down to just above the knee.

TIP: If you dont feel comfortable in it …. dont wear it!



mini-bag2backpack1The micro bag has made it’s comeback! So switch out your over sized tote and travel light this summer. Bags are a great way to accessorise your outfit. By either keeping it simple and understated with a neutral bag choice or wanting to stand out with one with bold colours or patterns.

TIP: Keep it small.


Until next time
Happy styling

Jess xoxo









STOP….I’ve found the best cleanser ever!!





YES YES YES!! I have found it!

sosimple3I have been looking for a while and I am so happy to say i have found it!   A daily cleanser with grains to gently polish the skin! I have been using the So Simple Skincare ‘Milky Cleansing Grains’ every morning for the past few weeks and it’s amazing for leaving the skin feeling fresh & clean while very gently removing any impurities that made themselves at home while you slept, like dead skin cells or oils that can block pores.


sosimple4It comes in a cute as pie glass jar and you apply the Cleansing grains to your hands and add a bit of water. It turns into a very light paste that you apply onto damp skin and use circular motions to gently clean and polish your skin.

Great for the morning as it preps your skin perfectly for the day. You can easily apply your sun screen and make up after and have smooth flawless finish.


sosimple5Did you know… Daily cleansing with a gentle exfolilator helps reduce and minimize fine lines and wrinkles….WINNING!!! And the So Simple Skincare ‘Milky Cleansing Grains’ is soap free. It has skin-nourishing hebal ingredients that provide a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals your skin craves….PERFECT!


I have so enjoyed using this product, it is definately going to be a staple beauty care product for me.