The colour PINK




Sometime in the last year, pink got its groove back. GO pink, I’m so proud of YOU!!


The colour pink is feminine cool, worn by fashion followers everywhere.

pink4 pink5


This colour was once seen to box women in however now appears to do the opposite. Just like our other fav – BLACK – there are so many different shades of pink to choose from – from blush to shocking pink.


Embrace the colour!!!

pink6 pink3




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Let’s break them down one by one girls……


earrings1earrings2Earrings! Go big and BOLD or petite and subtle, either way earrings make a statement this season. Weather your a one-hole-per-ear kinda girl or into multiples, get into those earrings!





LOUD patterns! The louder the better! Mixing it up is the key, mix stripes & bold patterns with lots of texture to pull off this look.






PINK is the go to colour of the moment. Mix it in to your outfits or stand out! This is such a gorgeous girly hue to add to your outfits, weather its in clothing or accessories.





Pink & ruffles = Spot on!!


Statement sleeves and ruffles are my fav and an easy way to add drama to any outfit.

TIP: Keep it simple on the bottom.




laceLace is a super easy way to show a hint of skin but still feel covered up. Lace is a sexy go to trend this year, mix it in with your leather for a cool grungy look or wear with a blazer for a day at the office.





kimono1 kimono3Robes and kimono style! Be ultra comfy in this trend they call the pajama inspired trend. So easy to wear and perfect for the funny weather we seem to be having at the mo, light enough to wear as a cover up when its hotter or to keep the chill off you in cooler weather.


boxy shoulders1


Boxy shoulders will be hot with jackets this winter. The firm shape at the shoulders ensures the straight silhouette sits just so!

This will definately be one of my go to looks this winter!



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2017 Style Horoscopes are in so here we go!


capricornCAPRICORN: Typical traits – You’re a strategist who loves structure and stability. Highly organised, resourceful and practicle, you follow a formular when putting together an outfit. You love looks that are perfectly tailored with clean lines and minimal embellishment. Trends to try in 2017: Neat pleats and straight forward suiting will suit your need for an ordered ensemble.



aquariusAQUARIUS: Typical traits – With the most adventurous of all the star signs, your sense of imagination, creativity, originality and unpredictability always shines through in what you wear. You love a fashion free-spirit, the boho trend was made for you. Trends to try in 2017: Clashing patterns and textures engage your easily-distracted personality.



piscesPISCES: Typical traits – Romantic, artistic and emotional, seduction is your strength and you play it at every opportunity. You love comfortable dressing, weather you’re lounging at home or out and about, the pyjama-dressing trend has never failed you. Trends to try in 2017: Update your usual lingerie look by pairing your silky spearates in unexpected combinations. Your indecisive side will thank you.



ariesARIES:  Typical traits – A born leader, you are courageous and enterprising in your wardrobe choices and first to adopt the latest trends. You love looks with a daring sense of style, you’re unafraid of bold textures and strong silhouettes. Trends to try in 2017: I expect you’re all over the asymmetrical shoulder – time to add the statement earrings!



taurusTAURUS: Typical traits – Conservative, cautious and comfort loving, you’re a pragmatic decision maker in life and style. Looks you love are understated luxery, you’re label obsessed but like to keep it low key. Trends to try in 2017: Embrace the sport luxe trend.



geminiGEMINI: Typical traits – Expressive, whimsical and adaptable, you dont take yourself or what you wear to seriousluy. You love variety so are more likely to experiment with new-season trends than stick to a signature style. Trends to try in 2017: The 2000s style redux is sure to appeal to your interests, not to mention your sense of humour.



cancerCANCER: Typical traits – You can come across as cold, but your evasive exterior belies the emotional, sentimental and sensitive soul underneath. You love romantic layers, but you’re never seen without your protective shell. Trends to try in 2017: Deconstruct your suit of armour by mixing it up with hard and soft textures – think floaty fabrics with metal accents.



leoLEO: Typical traits – You’re confident, charismatic and you crave attention – which makes you a tripple threat in the style stakes. You love things short, tight and sparkly, they match your fearless approach to fashion. Trends to try in 2017: Embellished denim in a royal blue wash will show everyone who’s the queen of the urban jungle.



virgoVIRGO: Typical traits – You have a reputation for being meticulous, reserved & fussy – but you know what you like and people respect that. The perfectionist in you loves twinsets and precise pantsuits with a modern twist. Trends to try in 2017: A matchy-matchy ensemble that’s just a little bit immodest.



libraLIBRA: Typical traits: Refined and poised, you’re the epitome of elegance. Balance and harmony are your friends. You love and default to classic silhouettes & and natural pallette, as you are not a risk taker by nature. Trends to try in 2017: You like to look lady like but don’t be afraid to introduce sex appeal!



scorpioSCORPIO: Typical traits- Brave, passionate, forcused & intense, you are a creature of habit with a satorial wild side. You love power dressing – its your speciality and you use complex and hypnotic textures to extraordinary effect. Trends to try in 2017: Test your magnestism in silver suiting. An investment piece wont worry you as you never change your mind.



sagitariusSAGITARIUS: Typical traits – You’re the ultimate extrovert. Always optimistic, enthusiastic and adventurous in your dress sense. Your favourite trends come and go with the seasons which suits your restless nature. Trends to try in 2017: Colour blocking will appeal to your playful personality and your appitite for change.



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