Dermaplaning ….




SO a few weeks back I was flicking through my Facebook newsfeed and came across a post from a beauty therapist I follow, offering a special on dermaplaning.

dermaplaning1I was rather intrigued, I’ve had microdermabrasion before and thought it sounded similar (I’m told its not though).  So I clicked on the post and read some more, the procedure was done alongside a facial and included a massage. Oooooh nice!  SO I looked at the therapists website and saw they had a Q and A on it.  It promised ‘skin resurfacing’, using a surgical grade blade to gentley exfoliate the skin and remove the fine hair on the face.  Thats it – I was sold!  Ive had concerns about my ‘peach fuzz’, so this sounded amazing, appointment was quickly made!

On arrival, my lovely therapist got me settled and went through the usual formalities.  Then it started, all the magical potions and massages – bliss! Then the therapists says ‘Im about to start the procedure, so you need to keep really still and not talk, especially while I’m around your mouth’.  And then I felt it, the blade on my skin….. It was like having a dry shave (or what I’d imagine that would feel like) and at times I was scared! I was so sure that when it was over, I’d be left with a face covered in scratches and cut marks.  The therapist carefully covered my entire face and just a wee bit under my jaw line.  It was intense to say the least!


Then more lotions (cooling ones thankfully, my face felt on fire), and a massage, which was divine.  At the end, she showed me my face – not a single mark in sight much to my relief.  I asked to she the tool used, and yep, its a scalpel.

I asked if I need to do anything special at home afterwards and she said no and off I went – rebooked for a few more weeks time.

dermaplaning2Once I was out into the light, I checked out the results and was stoked!  My skin was so smooth and hair free, I couldn’t stop touching it!  My skin glowed for a good 10 days after.
I was due to go back today (the special was only on for a month, so I wanted to squeeze another appt in), but the hair has only just started to grow back so I decided to postpone and see how it looks in a few more weeks.
It was the most bizarre experience!  The dermaplaning was scary and at times I wanted to say ‘STOP!’ but I was too scared in case she cut me. But I’m so glad I did it and would love to keep it up.

A/W trends 2017!



A/W Trends for 2017!


box jacket1box jacket2The boxy jacket is huge this winter. With structured cuts & modern finishes, these are the ultimate elegant cover up to stay instantly polished & put together. The fit? Go for firm shape at the shoulders to ensure the straight silhouette sits ‘just so’. It’s ultra-flattering too as it skims the curves, I’m loving the very structured look of these jackets worn at any length.


box jacket3




neon1neon3Electric colours are the new wave for Winter 17. Perfect to wear if you want to be noticed, the neon trend is definitely a head turner. My advice, if you’re a tad apprehensive … less is more with this one.


Keep it to the accessories, a pop of colour on your socks or clutch is perfect, even try some neon nail polish, bangles or earring to get your neon fix.





half heel1


I call this the ‘anti-heel’ heel … Is it a heel? Yes but it’s the kinda heel you can wear all day & NOT get sore feet … #PERFECT.


half heel3


It’s the shoe shape to step out in right now. The sturdy low style is upgraded with sexy high shine finishes & beautiful hardware.


half heel2








earrings4earrings3GO BIG OR GO HOME … Get earrings in ‘can’t miss’ proportions that will frame the face and make that messy low bun look like perfection. Let your ears do the talking!







Until next time,

Happy styling
Jess xoxo

Secrets from back stage at iD 2017!





IiD2 was lucky enough to escape to Dunedin for a week to cover the 18th annual iD Dunedin Fashion week events. I have attended iD before many times as a keen observer but this year was different. I wanted to give my followers a taste of iD Dunedin from an insider’s perspective, YES the fashion is fabulous and the event is fabulous … I could go on for days about how great the shows are … the venue … everything. BUT I wanted to go further, so I organised to go backstage with the Hair teams from Klone Hair at the Emerging Designers show and Aart on St. Andrew street for the iD Dunedin fashion shows to let you know what it’s like back stage. It’s all go believe me.


There was approximately 50 models who all needed hair & make up done with in the 4 hours prep time before the show, then the designer’s turn up with all their clothes & shoes & accessories. It can be over whelmingly busy just to watch let alone work but that’s why they get the best to do it! And while I was there I managed to pick up some tips & tricks from the experts that I’m going to pass on to you & bust some back stage myths at the same time!


iD3There’s a lot of waiting. Waiting to be called for hair or make-up, then more waiting once you’re done but I was surprized to see not every teenage model on their phone ignoring each other back stage. It was noisy wee hub of activity where they have loads of food & water provided so they are well feed with lots of energy. Super important!





»Something I found interesting is that even the boys get hair & make-up done. EVEN the Otago rugby players who were debuting as models for the first time …. How very metro-sexual of them!




»A fantastic wee trick I saw a designer do was put a cardi around the neck as a scarf. LOVE this idea! Great option instead of wrapping it around your bum when you take it off & perfect for this autumn weather we are having where one minute it’s hot, one minute it’s cold.





»The hairdressers request dirty hair on the models, so no freshly washed hair the day of a fashion show. This is because the hair is easier to mould & play with when it’s dirty.







»I also saw a great trick … spraying hairspray onto your brush then brushing your hair instead of spraying the hairspray directly onto your hair. This gets the product onto the hair in a more controlled fashion.





iD8»To get the very fine fluffy pieces of hair around the hair line to stay in place, they used a soft toothbrush to gently comb them back. This is in place of a normal comb where the teeth are often spaced too far apart. Interesting!







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Leather jackets




leather racer 1They are timeless, versatile & oh so cool, but if biker-chic isn’t quite your style, dont discount leather jackets all together. Look for a playful take on the classic & pick your fav ….






leather biker1 leather biker


THE BIKER: This bad-boy is also referred to as a double-rider-jacket. Classic versions have an off-center diagonal zip, button down collar  & belted waist.

TIP – A smaller fit will highlight your waist line!

This is my personal fav!



leather biker2





leather racer 2leather racer


THE RACER: A short mandarin collar, a centered zip & zipper side pockets are the hall marks of this minamal easy-to-wear design.

TIP – It’s perfect boxy shape lends well to boyish builds.





leather bomber


leather bomber1THE BOMBER: Modeled after the jackets issued to American military pilots in WW2, this oversized style typically feathers a center zip, side slit pockets & ribbed collar, cuffs & hems.

TIP – Go a size bigger, this slouchy jacket looks great oversized.


leather bomber2





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