Pimples ….




Ahrrrrr …. Pimples are SO annoying! You think you have left all that behind once your  teenage years are behind you BUT oh no they rear their ugly head always at the worst time. But did you know theres a different reason you get them at different points of your face. Let’s break it down!


A pimple, a zit or a spot & acne are some of the names used to describe these annoying things. They most commonally develop pimples1when your sebaceous glands become clogged and/or infected, leading to a red, swollen lesions filled with pus. Although where they appear on your face have a lot to do with your diet, lifestyle, stress levels & hormonal issues, so if you are getting them in a particular area now you know why & can make suitable changes to help the problem!


If they appear around your hairline or at the very top of your forehead, they will most probably be from your hair products or sweat rubbing on your skin if you wear a hat regulary or have a pimples2fringe.


If you are getting them on your forehead or around your eyebrows, it’s due to stress.


If they are appearing on & around your nose, this is caused mainly from your diet & lifestyle. (Alcohol intake)


If you get them on your chin or below your nose, this is caused from your hormones.




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