Feeling blah? Tips to help you feel slimmer!!





Feeling great about how you look is easier said than done some days, especially when you’re having a lumpy, bumpy or bloated day. Today I have style tips and clothing choices for those days you want to feel slimmer!




Fake tan: A tan is an easy way to make you feel good and feel slimmer. A tan is great for hiding skin blemishes and makes your complexion look more even.




The wrap dress: It’s a classic for making you feel slimmer. It cinches in at the waist & covers your mid section. Great for all body types, sizes and heights.





Side panels: Side panels are miracle workers!! Best to have navy or dark panels to give the illusion of the hour glass shape we all crave.





Black: It’s the oldest trick in the book….wearing all black. It creates the illusion of a long, slender silhouette! Add colour with accessories if you need some colour in your life.






Stripes: Stripes can be scary. The trick is to choose clothing with thin stripes, going down as this give the illusion of length. Think pin stripes!






Heels: High heels with a pointy toe have major lengthening power! Choose shoes with a low cut at the toe so the “toe cleavage” is on display for maximum skin exposure. This is the secret for having legs that go on for days!




v-nexk1V necks: The V neck top directs the eyes down creating a longer slimmer torso. Stay away from round neck lines as they can make you look shorter!





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