Finding your style mantra …




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We’ve all been there … In a hurry but totally uninspired with the idea of putting together an outfit for the day ahead.




I’ve come up with an easy solution for you that I call your “style mantra” – Ask yourself, what are 3 words you would want used to describe your style? When you’re stuck use these 3 words as your ‘go-to’ words to help you with inspiration for the days look.


Here’s some words to kick you off.


Cool         Classic          Relaxed         Pollished          Effortless

Comfortable       On trend       Sultry       Elegant       Feminine      

 Modern         Ladylike         Statement making       Understated      

 Sporty     Colourful        Tailored      Straight forward      

Elevated      Clean         Bold       Experimental      Simple           

Quirky       Edgey         Minimalistic         Romantic




ruffles4Now that you have choosen your 3 words that best describe you, write them down & put them in your wardrobe so they are easily accessible to you when you need them.



Oh … and mine are Cool, edgy and quirky.





  Until next time,

  Happy styling
Jess xoxo

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