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Ok…I admit it…I wasn’t the most beautiful child.

Unfortunately, I was one of those children with crazy hair, it was also the eighties which didn’t help matters…growing up I didn’t feel like I had too many options with what career path to follow….hairdresser or shop keeper (so I could eat the lollies) I had to learn how to control my crazy mop so hairdresser it was…off I went in the late nineties with my ‘oh so 90s’ Lorde-esk hair to start my career in the fashion industry and I have never looked back.

bad hair
bad hair! Ages 5, 15 and 18

Growing up in the 80s, I remember sitting at Tap dancing competitions, (yes I was a child of the stage) looking at the women who were in their 20s and 30s with their big poodle perms and bigger shoulder pads and couldn’t wait to grow up so I too could wear LOUD make up, put lip stick on without looking in a mirror and have ridiculously long finger nails and yes you will be happy to know that at age 36.5 I have achieved all of these things. SUCCESS!

I have always had a love of clothes and fashion too…it runs in the family. My Grandmother winning a Benson & Hedges design award for a 5 piece wool ensemble in 1974 and is still on display in the Ranfurly fashion museum. Having grasped the hair/make up world I felt it was the next natural step was to train (with the lovely Stacey Beatson) to advise people on their image and style and Jess Mundy STYLIST was born.

Jess Mundy Stylist

My goal with this blog is to help people…I have so much fashion and beauty advice in my head from my years in the industry I feel I have to share, so you’re gonna hear it all…no topic will go uncovered and please feel free to contact me if you want me to cover a topic you are interested in. I will be keeping it real…I am a working married mum of 2 boys, Isaak and Beau and 1 dog, Louie. I don’t wake up looking amazing every day but have learnt the skills to look fab when I need to, which I am happy to pass onto you all. I feel so lucky to have been in the fashion industry for as long as I have and I have a genuine LOVE for helping women feel fantastic about how they look and their image. If you want to see me, let’s book a time to have a consultation about your style goals.

Until next time,
Happy styling,

Jess xoxo


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