Consultation & wardrobe assessment: $240

The initial consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss your style goals. I will give you a colour pallet in which we will work within for clothing, accessories, shoes, hair & make up. Next we discover your body shape & how to dress for it, also your style personality and why this is so important to know for our individual style needs. I will analyse your current wardrobe to identify opportunities, gems you may have hidden and where the gaps lie. With this new understanding we can then plan the perfect shopping trip.
Session time 2hours.


Wardrobe refresh

Consultation & wardrobe audit: $300

We start with a consultation (details above).
Then we delve into your wardrobe & I carefully analyse it into “go or stay” piles (explaining to you as I go), work on new outfit combinations for you from your existing pieces & compile a future shopping list for our next steps.
Session time 2-3 hours.


Shopping trip: $120 per hour

Let me do all the hard work! Ahead of time I access the appropriate stores and gather all the items & get them put aside for us (clothes, shoes & accessories) so together we can quickly & efficiently go from store to store for you to try the pieces on. I explain as we go the event you would wear the item to (work, casual, socially), how you would wear the item, what it will work with from your existing wardrobe & why it works for your body shape & colour pallet. As an independent stylist, I work for you not the stores we visit so you can ensure the process is entirely focussed on you and your needs. I also stick to a budget if you require me to. As we go through the day you can purchase as we go or I can take a photo of you in each outfit then we can sit down to discuss the essentials over coffee.
Session time varies from 2-5 hours.


Mens fashion styling*MEN ONLY
Shopping trip: $120 per hour

Men need help too … I offer a complete image management & personal shopping service for Men of all ages. This service offers a wide range of grooming & presentation tools, designed to get you feeling great about your image so you make a strong first impression. I find Men often need a female’s opinion without the emotional attachments of a loved one & therefore I consult & recommend on all areas of your of your image for your social or business life.


Seasonal updates: $120 per hour

The seasonal update gives us a chance to get together to discuss your style needs for the upcoming season. I will have outfits, shoes & accessories picked out for you to try, we will also discuss updating hair & make up colours & trends, also any upcoming events that you need assistance with.
This is a shortened session of 1-2 hours to top up of items for the next season.


Event styling: $400

Need to knock everyone’s socks off at an event? It may be a wedding where you want to impress or a business conference where you want to shine. Either way, I can help. I offer a personalised service where I scout appropriate dresses & outfits for your desired event, match the shoes & accessories & ensure you know how to pull it all together for your special event.


Business workshops: $500

If you own a business, you know how important it is that your team represent your business well. How your team present themselves can have a serious impact on your bottom line. We are all visual creatures and like it or not our standard of dress send messages about who we are faster than paid adverts. I offer fun interactive sessions for teams where I can teach them how to show their personal style in a way that reflects your business well. These sessions align teams on the “style values” of your business & work to get teams on the same page about their image.
Make sure your team is working for your brand – not just working for you.
These workshops can be customised to your individual business & team needs. Session time is 2-3 hours.


Make up or hair styling tutorial*YOU MEAN I CAN LEARN TO DO IT MYSELF?
Make-up or hair styling tutorials: $90 per hour

Did you know … Woman on average update their make-up knowledge & skills every 12 years! That’s a long time between updates so if you are feeling a touch rusty and want a one on one session with a pro at your house using your products then this service is for you. We will discuss different brands available, different products you can be using, what products you can save on & what products are worth the investment. While learning easy techniques, I teach you a day & night look. Added bonus … I can arrive with my face “done” & we discus different areas, then I remove my make-up & we both apply our make-up together. This is a good way to see how I use the appropriate products, brushes, tools & why.
Knowing how to do your hair correctly for a few different occasions is essential. I can teach you about what products you should be using & how to use them, how to correctly & easily blow wave your hair & what to do with hair straighteners or tongs & appropriate tools to give yourself a few different looks.
(As I work independently all product recommendations are based on industry knowledge. I do not sell any make-up & hair products but can definitely point you in the right direction for your individual needs.)


Make-up session via Facetime: $75 45 minutes

If you don’t live near me but want to update your make-up knowledge & skills, I offer my skills to you over Facetime to discuss your make-up needs, challengers & can teach you everything you need to know in a one on one session from the comfort & privacy of your home.


Girl’s nights: $50 per person, limit of 6 women per party

Gather the girls & the cheese & wine for a night in with me to have some styling fun. Together we learn our body shapes & how to dress for them, colour pallets to work within as well as your individual style personality. A great opportunity to pick my brain about your image or style issues in a fun friendly environment.


Wardrobe refresh*I HATE SHOPPING
Personal shopping service: $80 per hour

This gift buying service is perfect for busy people or people who dislike the shopping experience. Give me the instructions & I will do it for you, delivering the gifts back to you beautifully wrapped accompanied with the appropriate card all ready for you to write in. Great for Christmas time when you need to finish up your busy working year & have zero time, or any time during the year when shopping is the last thing you want to do or have time for. Let me battle the malls, shops & carparks for you while you do your thing.


Teenage workshops: $90 per hour

This maybe news to you all but teenagers are known for NOT listening to their parent’s. If your teen needs guidance with their image, deportment, skin care, make-up & hair skills, how to walk in heels or attending job interviews (and they won’t listen to you), I am happy to assist & guide them in the right direction.


When you are working with a stylist it is important to feel understood & connected as we will be delving into your wardrobe & lifestyle which are personal areas. I offer a complimentary 15 minute phone call, facetime call or we can meet for a coffee to ensure there is a good connection between us before we start on this adventure together.


“Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Anna Wintour