Tips for us short gals…






It’s NO secret I am not the tallest fashionista out there. Sooo… at 5foot2, I have found some great tips to elongate your body so you don’t look sooo short. GOALS!!!




Avoid long tops!tuck

Long tops are great for tall people but us shorties need to not hide our legs. Wearing tops that stop at your waist or tucking them half in is super cool. It also gives the illusion of longer legs and high lights the waist!







Show off your ankles!ankle

The trick is not to look like you are drowning in fabric. The ankle is one of the slimmest parts of your body so show it off!! Weather with pants tailored to the correct length for you or rolled up to suit. Also the midi skirt or dress is great for accentuating the ankle…Live it up!!        







Be matchy-matchy!

Wearing one colour from top to toe gives the illusion of longer limbs therefore creating visual length!!  And  we want to visually look taller!!






Take it shorter!shorter

Knee length skirts or dresses are a no-no! They literally cut your legs in half.  You need to commit…go shorter and show off your pins or go longer and accentuate your ankles with the midi length!






  Until next time,

  Happy styling
Jess xoxo


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