Winter layering




winter1Living in the South Island of New Zealand we have already felt winter tickling our toes for the past month or so. Meaning  fully transitioning the wardrobe from autumn to winter is in full swing. I have grown tired of some of my summer wardrobe & love to be wrapped up warm so am embracing the change in weather … bring it ON!



Tips for creating a envy filled winter wardrobe:

winterjackets4Think about your base pieces: These are not only the building blocks of an outfit but also need to be good enough to stand on their own should you need to de-layer during the day. Its all fun and games when you’re looking warm & cosy with a gorgeous heavy knit on but come mid morning when you’ve over heated & need to remove it, whats on underneath needs to be able to work with your day too. You dont want to be stuck looking sweaty for the day because you cant remove your knit jumper.



My fav ankle boots by Chaos & Harmony

Create an outfit thats half winter & half autumn: This is one of my best tricks as it enables you to still get wear out of those gorgeous summer dresses, if your not sick of them! While staying climate-appropriate, wear that summer dress with tights & boots. Have a lovely light layer on under it like a mesh or marino top (depending on the days activities)  & add a jacket & scarf. Or try pants & ankle boots with a lighter layer on top then a gorgeous big warm jacket.


LOVE how dramatically long this scarf is

Do not ignore the power of a scarf/cape/wrap/poncho: These are key layering pieces & add to the success of an outfit. They have the power to add colour & texture to a otherwise non-exciting outfit. Think of them as a little add on for warmth & outfit interest but with out having to comitt to a full-sleeved knit. You can play with the positions of your scarf or poncho too … don’t wear them the same way everytime, you’ll get bored!




winterjackets1Wear colour in winter: Just because it winter, doesn’t mean you need to put your colourful clothing away. Don’t let anyone stop you from shining in what is normally a sea of black & grey. Switch it up to show your personality in the cooler months by wearing navys, deep greens or go for some beautiful autumn tones like mustard & wine.



winterjackets2Purchase a good winter coat: This is a must! My rule in winter is to purchase a new coat every winter. You need choice based on the day’s events & how your feeling. Once you’ve banked a few, having the choice is fun!





Until next time,

Happy styling
Jess xoxo


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